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Thallian Interchange on Islamabad-Lahore Motorway (M-2) is Open for Public Now

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The wait is finally over! Thallian interchange is now open for all those looking for an investment opportunity in Islamabad.

Thallian Interchange

What Does it Mean for Capital Smart City?

Capital Smart City Islamabad, to date, is the only housing society that possesses a government approved interchange smartly located on the motorway. Jan 11, 2020 marked the inauguration of the Thallian interchange, which presented the construction of a four span flyover bridge in addition to a 2.9km long service road.

The commencement of this interchange that falls on the M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway has provided an easy access into the Capital Smart City, thereby increasing the society’s potential to provide higher investment opportunities at a lower risk. Thallian Interchange has also reduced the travel distance between the Capital Smart City and New Islamabad International Airport. All it takes is a 5-7 minutes drive to commute between the two key locations.

Additionally, the Smart City is also accessible through the new Ring Road which shall connect Rawat with Chakri. This access will save the residents from regularly experiencing the clogged traffic characteristic of Mall Road Rawalpindi.

Smart and Sustainable Future

Capital Smart City is a project that envisages as well as set the roots for a smart and sustainable future for Pakistan. Anticipating its position as the first smart city being established in Pakistan, it aims to adapt trends of modern living that are typical to Islamabad while providing sustainable and environmental friendly alternatives.

The eco-friendly development trends in the region will be preceded by a system of integrated solid waste management, the responsible allocation as well as utilization of resources and by ensuring the conservation of natural resources in an attempt to preserve the natural areas which are characteristic to the region.

Expanding the Green Identity for a smart future

A symbiosis of nature and human development is the key element for sustainable development in any region. Capital Smart City therefore sets a precedent by promising 100% protection to all the natural water bodies, slopes and natural terrains present within the region in addition to safeguarding as well as building up on the naturally occurring viewpoints and vistas.

Not only that, Capital Smart City also expands on the region’s existing green identity. Featuring an eco spine with 35 miles of a recreational trail, along with 600 kanals of green space set aside for a central park, CSC provides a quality of living that is unparalleled anywhere else.

Higher investment opportunity with economic benefits

Capital Smart City makes full use of its central location. Since it falls on the primary CPEC route, CSC is therefore all set to become a pioneer in generating an inflow of commercial and financial activities within the country. It promises the potential investors glad tidings of the influx of high economic activity.

Moreover, both Islamabad and Rawalpindi City center are accessible through merely a 22 minutes drive from the society; CSC therefore connects you with the twin cities instead of isolating you. Especially now with the inauguration of the Thallian Interchange, ease of access to and from the Capital Smart City has increased manifold, thus enabling the society to become even more integrated with the rest of the city and increasing its investment potential.

Integrated Transport

Apart from its central location and access to Thallian interchange, Capital Smart City will also be offering an integrated bus transport system along with a well established road network within the society. With a 400’ wide central boulevard that branches into a well articulated road network, along with the bus rapid transit system which runs alongside the two major transport corridors, the Capital Smart City ensures an efficient transportation and excellent connectivity for its investors.

Invest in Capital Smart City

The Smart City in Islamabad is developing at a very fast pace, and has received an overwhelming response from investors. With the 5 Marla plots sold out, only 7 Marla and larger plots are now available for you to choose from. So visit our website immediately to find out more about the plots which are for sale. You can even give our diligent estate agents a call and gain their trusted advice. We offer flexible payment plans therefore hurry up before you lose this amazing investment opportunity!

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