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Official Grand Launch of Capital Smart City Islamabad

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The Capital Smart City launch took place on the 6th of October, 2019 at Serena Hotel Islamabad.
smart city grand launch

The event was graced by international consultants from all over the globe, the realtors, selling partners and marketing teams of Capital Smart City. Wasay Chauhdry and Sidra Iqbal hosted the event and did a good job with keeping the event formal yet entertaining.

The Beginning

aslam malik ceo

The event kicked off with a speech from the Group CEO of Capital Smart City Muhammad Aslam Malik, who explained the need of a smart city in a country like Pakistan. To promote sustainable living, international models are being replicated in Pakistan with the help of global consultants to achieve world class quality. Mr Malik went on to explain the problems of plot delivery in Pakistan, proudly claiming that although the delivery of plots for Capital Smart City was to be completed by March 2021, they were hopeful to be able to do it by January 2020, almost a year early. The wide availability of technologically advanced living standards abroad inspired Future Development Holdings to provide Pakistan with its very own Smart city, being the first of its kind.

All over the globe, it is a common practice to conduct extensive research before deciding on the location of any housing scheme. However, this practice is largely ignored in Pakistan. FDH invested in R&D teams, seeking help from Quaid-e-Azam University to choose the perfect location for Pakistan’s first Smart City.

The Story Behind the Location

The basic motive behind selecting this location was its connectivity since it provides a main network of roads surrounding the housing scheme from all three sides. This will also avoid all kinds of traffic problems for the residents of Capital Smart City.

The second purpose for selecting this location was the ample availability of water, since Pakistan is a water scarce country and is one of the countries to be hit worst by climatic changes. We have 9 tubewells working and have successfully set up our own filtration plant which is used by neighbourhoods to meet water demand.

Mr Malik promised to turn Pakistan into Singapore by bringing in Singaporean residence models. He also thanked the selling partners of Capital Smart City who made it possible to launch the scheme successfully.


The Mission

The audience was told that Smart City aims at creating 90,000+jobs in the next five years. The audience was introduced to Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd. and their contribution to developing Pakistan’s infrastructure over the years. The Chief Development Officer on Master Planning for Future Development Holding, Louis Fernandes was invited on stage to share his experience of working in Pakistan with local talent. He explained the replication of international models in Pakistan, using the company’s vast experience in infrastructure development and property development, to make Capital Smart City the most livable area nationwide.

This was followed by a CNBC report on smart cities which explained the basic idea of smart living.which is a mix of public transportation, Information Technology, technologically administered water supply, connectivity, sanitation, solid waste management, e-governance, urban mobility and citizen participation. The report explained how smart cities worked globally. To ensure effective governmental control for example, the cameras will be installed to see if people are smoking in prohibited areas.

Similarly, Artificial Intelligence will help manage crowd density, cleaning of public spaces and to track exact movement of every locally registered vehicle. Data collected will be fed into an online platform which gives the government access to see how the city responds to various stimuli, for example explosions in shopping malls or spreading of infections and diseases.

The CEO of Smart City technologies, Mr. Muhammad Shahzad explained how these technologies will be introduced in Pakistan. He enlightened the audience with the roadmap of integrating these smart technologies to develop and ecosystem.

Since all natural resources will rely on Artificial Intelligence, sustainable living will be promoted through motion sensor lighting which will turn on when pedestrians walk by, charging stations for cars, smart waste collection companies, water management sensors which will be able to sense water leaks, electricity and water consumption units which will be available in real time and smart alerts which go out immediately in case of accidents and GPD warning systems that warn drivers of traffic jams.


Senior Associate Cracknell USA, Miss Rawan M. Husseini was invited to introduce the facilities being offered in Smart City to the audience. The event was brought to an end by Mr. Abdul Sammi, CEO of Future Development Holdings and Deputy General Manager, Mr. Mujeeb Ahmed Khan who thanked the partners for their cooperation and wished to see the housing scheme prosper.

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