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Cracknell Appointed for Development and Master Planning of Potohar Ranches

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Cracknell has composed a plan to develop townhouses and villas titled the Potohar Ranches.
cracknell signing ceremony smart city islamabad

These will have residential communities with houses of different sizes. The unique thing about this society will be about 18 Capital city golf course holes running through it. Cracknell has been appointed by Smart Properties as they have proven to be very popular in urban designing, international planning and landscape architecture practices globally.

cracknell signing ceremony smart city islamabad

Cracknell has begun the work with a promise of completion with modern design and architecture. Interestingly, the company has previously worked with companies in Middle East, Europe and Africa. In all of these projects, the company has proposed immediate business solutions to all kinds of architectural problems. Cracknell ensures a better economic, natural and social working environment for companies and all their relevant stakeholders.

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When Cracknell was appointed as a consultant for development of Potohar Ranches villas/townhouses, a ceremony was held on 18th July in UAE for the confirmation of appointment. During this ceremony, relevant documents were signed to initiate the process and grant permission to the company to consult on this massive project.

The participants included a number of people from companies of all stakeholders. Some of the prominent figures included Muhammad Aslam Malik, the COO of the Smart City Group and the Pioneer of Smart City in Islamabad, Pakistan. Another prominent participant was the CDO (Chief Development Officer) of Smart Properties, Luis Fernandez-Reyes. Lastly, a significant figure involved in the ceremony was David Cracknell, the Managing Director of the Cracknell and group of companies.

This ceremony has proven to be an initiation on a unique project, bound by golf course holes. Residential apartments in various sizes and ranges will be offered to families to invest in, meanwhile having to live around a fully equipped golf course. This unique proposition to be carried out soon.

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