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Chakri Road Rawalpindi Housing Schemes and Plots

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Chakri Road has become a new hub of housing societies in Rawalpindi.

A lot of housing projects have been launched that are offering a variety of options including residential and commercial plots. For all investors out there, here are the best Chakri Road Rawalpindi Housing Schemes you should invest in:

Capital Smart City

The Capital Smart City Islamabad is possibly the best housing scheme you can imagine living in. NOC approved and founded by FDH (Future Development Holdings) in collaboration with HRL (Habib Rafique Private Limited), the housing scheme has been made to ensure luxurious living conditions for people around city. If you have a look around the twin cities, you will see a massive increase in the population that aims to settle permanently there. While a lot of housing schemes are offering solutions to their problems, none of them compare to the value and expectation Capital Smart City Islamabad is meeting. Not only is the client happy, but absolutely content on what he’s investing in.

For Bookings and Inquiries

This housing society is located on M2 Motorway near New Islamabad International Airport. The location is an absolute advantage to have as it enables a direct route and interchange on motorway. An amazing route that allows connection between the cities connected via the Motorway. Another interesting feature is that the passing is also a route for CPEC which offers a bright future for anyone looking for a low-risk investment.

This is the best housing society that offers a variety of commercial and residential plots, farmhouses, and luxury villas. There are multiple options for families, couples and corporate individuals who aim to invest in real estate for long or short-term. A total of 55,000 Kanal has been allocated for the project and 5 Marla plots of the scheme have already been sold out. Based on the quick acquisition, 25,000 Kanal worth of area has been allocated and is under progress for construction.

Multiple facilities and accommodations have been granted in this housing society such as free Wifi spots, 24/7 supply of electricity and direct connection to city centers. In the coming years when CPEC is bound to flourish and offer an incredible infrastructure, this housing project on Chakri Road Rawalpindi happens to be placed at the ideal location to benefit from the project.

Blueworld City

Located on Chakri Road near the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road, Blueworld City is a new housing scheme that is developed by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) in association with Shan Jian Municiple Engineering, China. This project has an RDA approval and permission for people who are looking for real estate risk-free investment. The outstanding location which is just about 15 minutes away from Islamabad Airport is definitely a plus point when it comes to accessibility and economical factors for families and small scale businesses.

The housing scheme is offering multiple installment plans for various sized commercial and residential plots. Due to its location and advanced setup, the society is known as a Pak-China friendly housing scheme for people with different families and aspirations in life. An interesting accommodation within the society is of the availability of public transport. All the people can move within the society to malls, shopping centers and their neighbors by using transport provided by the society itself.

The society has been embedded with advanced level water, electricity, gas and telephone line connections which never come under the influence of weather. Not only that, 20, 40 and 80 feet streets and roads have been carpeted for less pollution and damage to the structure. Despite the carpeting, the sewage system has been developed so to meet all weather conditions. CCTV cameras have been installed society-wide to ensure proper vigilance and security throughout the day and night.

The Blueworld Society has a multitude of commercial and residential plots for families and farmhouses especially for government servants. You can start investing in your dream house with a minimal of 10% down payment, while remaining amount is payable in 30 monthly and 6 half yearly installments. This housing society offers an easily available online booking application form for all the families who are considering an investment.

It is ideally located on Chakri Road Rawalpindi between highly economical cities and experiences pleasant weather. This housing society is a must investment for anyone who is looking for a dream house development in less than five years.

Lake Vista

Lake Vista Residencia is on located the main Adyala Road which lies just opposite to Gulshanabad, Rawapindi. Surrounding the housing scheme is thick, lush greenery that is not only soothing but extremely beneficial for the health. This housing scheme touches the Chakri Road Rawalpindi and Ring Road towards the north west side while the rest of the area is surrounded by natural greenery only. The road becomes a great access to the city centers and networking areas.

This housing scheme is approved by TMA and offers risk-free residential and commercial plots for acquisition. Apart from these, the scheme also offers a variety of farmhouses, industrial properties and builders for construction over acquired plots. To ensure that the consumers obtain maximum benefits out of this scheme, it comes with an easy 2-year installment plan for complete acquisition. 20% of the final price needs to be paid in advance at least to ensure acquisition begins.

Along with access to the wide 120 ft. main boulevard, the housing scheme itself is spacious and developed to its core. It features 40-70 ft. wide streets for automobiles to pass easily. All utility cables have been installed underground as a prerequisite to the complete construction of the scheme. Night lights and street lights have been installed to ensure easy and flexible mobility.

Apart from the illuminated roads and wide streets, the housing scheme features multiple phases for division and transition into your type of society to live in. Religious considerations have also been kept in mind and mosques have been constructed within the society. Leisure activities, such as swimming pools, water parks, shopping malls, have also been made a part of the society as a prerequisite to complete development.

This housing society features 125, 200, 272, 355 and 500 SQ. Yards of Residential plots and 100 SQ. yards of commercial plots. Despite the large land acquisition to ensure all lifestyle activities are countered, the neighborhood and overall area is very peaceful and quiet. The surrounding landscapes make a serene atmosphere for all kinds of families and offices to be developed. This housing scheme is definitely an amazing place to invest in.

If you’re looking to make maximum return on your investments, you should consider investing in Chakri Road Rawalpindi plots as this area is expected to grow in near future.

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